Our Story:

Did it all start at the garage? Nope! That’s not our story. We did not invent a new technology. We are just sharing the existing technology available in the market for free. The story was between two people, who met online and became friends. They shared their passions and ideas about a website. However, one day, one of them decided to cut-off their friendship because she didn't believe in Long-Distance Relationships (LDR). To make the story short, this website was created because of LOVE.

FilAm Social is owned and operated by a group of Filipino professionals and entrepreneurs from the Philippines and abroad.   


Why is your website named FilAm Social?

We named our website FilAm Social because the acronym, FilAm, in our website, stands for Friends In Love And More.

Social, on the other hand, means: characterized by friendly companionship or relation. Another reason why FilAm Social is because in the future we are planning to expand our social network to other nationalities.The website's name will still be the same.

The website is in English since English is the universal language and also the medium of instruction in Philippine schools. To cater to the native Filipinos who speak in Taglish (combination of Tagalog and English), we will also use Taglish once in a while.